NEET Exam Pattern 2022: Types of questions, Total Questions Asked, Exam preparation

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A huge number of students who take physics,  chemistry and biology for grade 11th  and 12th. Write an entrance examination called NEET. We will discuss all details about NEET Exam Pattern 2022. What is this entrance examination?  Who should write NEET? When should you start your preparation? What is the competition that you’re going to face? Can you write me attendance examination without appearing for an entrance coaching? Read this article to know everything about NEET. NEET, National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, this is an entrance examination that has to be given by those students  who wish to get a seat for MBBS, BDS, Ayurveda, Siddha, Yunani etc.  From the year 2020 even if you want to pursue these courses in a foreign country, you have to give this examination called NEET.


Types of questions

NEET  will have questions from Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. From each of this subject you will have 45 questions. You have total of 180 questions, 3 hours. So, 180 questions 180 minutes that means you have got an average of one minute to crack one question.  All the questions are going to be multiple choice questions where in you have four options for each question. If you get the answer correctly you will get 4 marks and if you mess it up you are going to lose 1 mark.


This is one doubt that a lot of people have,  do you know that you can write NEET exam in 11 different languages. Yes you can write it in 11 languages. But if you are a person who is giving the examination probably in Delhi, you will not be able to give the examination in the language of Tamil. So it differs that is something which you have to check but still you have anoption of 11 languages to choose from.

The Timing of NEET

Normally the notification for NEET comes in the month of December. And you’ll get somewhere around say one to one and a half months for filling in the application. The fee for the examination for general category is Rs. 1500. The examination of meat happens in the month of May but this year because of corona everything got changed but normally it happens in the month of May.

How to prepare the NEET Exam

You would have seen a lot of people starting their preparations for entrance examinations like NEET and JE from class seven and eight. But we would say that is the time where you have to make your basic science concepts first.  You need not go for an entrance coaching at such a young age but at least from grade 11 you have to start your preparations for this entrance examination. And it has to go in parallel with your school studies. After your grade 12 you’ll get almost one month for preparing for NEET because your exams will get over somewhere in the month of march. And normally the need examination happens in the month of May.

Exam preparation

But if you think that I’m going to prepare for the entire NEET examination in that one month believe me that’s  not going to work.  So please make sure your entrance preparation and your school studies go at the same time.  And you can even think like this okay I’ll finish my public examination and then I’ll take a break for one year and then prepare for your entrance. There are so many people who do like that so you can even think about it. But it’s not mandatory you can even do it parallelly.


I also want you to understand about the competition, before you step in. Every year almost 15 lakh children write this entrance examination. Do you know the number of seats for MBBS in India.  It is somewhere around say 79,000 seats including the government medical colleges & private medical colleges. Put together somewhere around 79,000 seats are there.  So 15 lakh Students write this examination to get one of these seats so the competition is definitely high. But if you can prepare you can crack it that’s it.

Can I crack NEET without entrance coaching?

This is one question that some of the people ask. We can tell you one thing if your socio-economic background is not going to affect you in becoming a doctor. If you are a person who can really work hard, you can crack this examination if you’re not able to go to an entrance coaching center for coaching.  Even then there are a lot of videos that are available in internet. You can crack all these examinations even if you don’t have the money to pay to any entrance coaching center also there are a lot of rank files available in the market. Find the right rank files. Speak with your seniors who has cleared this examination ask them like how they have prepared how they have practiced. Ask them to suggest few of the books or few of the video series that they that was of help to them.

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